Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Day 16: Ten Mile River Preserve & Judd Brook Preserve

Forested open space with high-quality wetlands in Cheshire's industrial zone.

Ten Mile River Preserve
Size: 11.9 acres
Nearest Road: Marion Road
Public Access: Yes
Acquisition: December 1987
Donor: FIP Corporation

Judd Brook Preserve
Size: 13.4 acres
Nearest Road: Knotter Drive
Public Access: Yes
Acquisition: August 1989
Donor: FIP Corporation

CLT's Ten Mile River and Judd Brook preserve are both associated with the Cheshire Industrial Park, and were both donated to CLT by the park's developer, FIP corporation.  

The Ten Mile River Preserve is located on the east side of Marion Avenue between Jarvis Street and Roger Avenue.  It is bounded to the south by the Town of Cheshire's Casertano Property, and a small piece borders the Ten Mile River to the east.  The Judd Brook Preserve contains two parcels, one to either side of Knotter Drive, both south of West Johnson Avenue.  (The Judd Brook Preserve is one of several CLT preserves actually made up of multiple parcels.) The Quinnipiac River Watershed Association has described Judd Brook as "a high quality permanently innundated floodplain swamp preserve."

Both properties are named for watercourses important to the Cheshire landscape.  The Ten Mile River watershed drains much of northwestern Cheshire.  Judd Brook is a tributary to the Ten Mile that starts in Southington.  Another major tributary is Cuff Brook.  The Ten Mile River's mainstem and surrounding areas contain a high level of biological diversity that has been extensively studied by QRWA and other organizations.  In particular, scientists have been interested in the area's reptiles, amphibians, freshwater mussels, and numerous vernal pools.

Judd Brook Preserve sign along Knotter Drive
Having protected lands within the watershed, such as CLT's two preserves, assists with maintaining wildlife habitats a and good water quality.  Additionally, the Judd Brook Preserve adds to natural areas viewed by workers at the industrial park's businesses, especially during lunchtime walks along Knotter Drive.

The Both the Ten Mile River Preserve and the Judd Brook Preserve are open to the public.  Judd Brook is the more easily accessible of the two.  Look for a small pull-off area next to to a CLT sign (pictured above) along Knotter Drive just south of West Johnson Avenue.  Neither property has trails.

Do you live or work next to or near the Ten Mile River Preserve or Judd Brook Preserve?  Tell us about what you've seen on this land!  Please join the Cheshire Land Trust at to help us protect and maintain this and other great open space properties around Cheshire.

More about the CLT's wetlands preservation efforts are on the CLT website.

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