Friday, November 11, 2016

Day 11: Doede Estate Preserve

Forested open space and wetland along Roaring Brook, in Cheshire's Brooksvale section.

Size: 3.4 acres
Nearest Road: North Brooksvale Road
Public Access: Yes
Acquisition: August 1981
Donors: The Clinton M. & Dorothy R. Doede Estate

CLT's Doede Estate Preserve is a 3.4-acre wetland on the east side of North Brooksvale Road (Route 42), across from the intersections with Mountain Road and Whispering Hollow Court.  It's bounded to the north, east, and south by residential properties.  The property was gifted to CLT by the Estate of Clinton M. and Dorothy R. Doede in August 1981.

The Doedes were both accomplished chemists.  A quick web search done for this blog entry found several patents and professional journal articles in their names, and a 1956 catalog of Industrial Research Laboratories lists the Doedes' "Quantum, Inc." laboratory as located at Hickory Knoll in Cheshire.  The area surrounding the Doede Estate and what is now Whispering Hollow Court was once Hickory Knoll Farm.

The Doede Estate Preserve is one of several Cheshire Land Trust properties that are largely wetlands.  More info about CLT's efforts and success with wetlands preservation is on the CLT website at  Roaring Brook flows through the Doede Estate Preserve, but at this point along the stream's journey, it's no longer "roaring" over a waterfall or down Prospect Ridge, but instead gently flowing towards a confluence with Willow Brook.

The Doede Estate Preserve is open to the public.  However, there are no blazed or maintained trails, the property is very wet, there is a metal guardrail along the property's frontage, and parking along North Brooksvale Road is rather difficult.  Therefore, this is a property best appreciated for its aesthetic, wildlife habitat, and wetland preservation values.  If you do venture out - proceed at your own risk!

Do you live next to or near the CLT's Doede Estate Preserve?  We'd love to hear about what you've seen on the land!  Please join the Cheshire Land Trust at to help up protect and maintain this and other great open space properties around Cheshire.

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